Sweet Temptation[DiaLovers FanFic] - Part 28: Problems

She was carefully pulling out the wild dandelions one by one, her eyes focused on them. She then heard someone calling out to her warmly.

“Come over here, my little princess! You will get your hands dirty if you keep doing that!”

She looked behind her to see a woman waving at her, beckoning for her to come. She could not see the woman’s face, but she knew it was someone familiar to her. She shook her head and gave the woman a smile.

“Not yet, Mama! I need to find more!” she replied and ‘Mama’ put her hands on her hips.

“That’s fine and all, but who’s going to eat all of these tuna sandwiches, which are your favourite?”

Hearing the mention of ‘tuna sandwiches’, she perked up and turned away from the wild dandelions.

“Mama! Wait! I’m hungry so don’t eat them all!” she yelled as she let go of the dandelions and ran towards ‘Mama’.

As she got closer to her, ‘Mama’ was smiling warmly at her and was chuckling. ‘Mama’ leaned over to her and wiped the dirt off of her face.

“My princess. My precious, princess Lillia” she said gently.


Lillia opened her eyes with a gasp, a habit she had adopted without her realising it. A thought at the back of her mind screamed that it might have been from when she started living in the Sakamaki mansion. But that was something that she would have to think later.

Lillia felt something running down the side of her eyes to her ears and touched it without much of a thought. Her fingers gave her a sensation that it was something wet and it took her a few seconds to realise that it was her tears.

She studied the finger that had touched her tears and bit her lip. Why was I crying?

She knew the answer to the question. She always dreamt a bunch of nonsense that she will forget about it once she had woken up, but after her mother’s disappearance, there were times where she will dream about her mother, or rather the memories she had with her mother. But those were quite rare, since she always thought that by doing that, it meant that her mother was no longer in this world, and she didn’t want to believe that.

But it’s been a while since I dreamt something quite long ago. Why was it that?

“My princess” her mother’s voice echoed out of nowhere, sending a pang to her heart.

It’s been a long time since someone had called her with that pet name. Her mother loved calling her that when she was a young girl, but she stopped doing so when she entered middle school. Why was it that? 

Lillia shook her head, as if trying to block out her thoughts. I can ask her that once I see her once again.

Lillia sat up and took in her surroundings. She was in her bed, back in the Sakamaki mansion. After moments of blinking, Lillia gasped in realisation. She turned to look outside her window and saw that the sky was filled with streaks of orange. It’s almost the sunset.

The last thing Lillia remembered, it was nighttime before her world turned completely dark. She got out of her bed and paced around the room, trying to recollect her memories.

She was in the school classroom, trying though in vain, to deny Laito’s advances. The latter ignored her and sucked her blood, and when she thought he was going to go further than that, a woman came in and everything became blank after that.

Lillia scratched her head, as if doing so might help her refresh her memories. Nothing. She sighed and turned on the lights. Lillia saw her reflection on her mirror and walked closer to it.

Lillia remembered that Laito had bitten her and decided to inspect them. She leaned in close to the mirror and saw crescent-shaped marks on her neck; just around the bite marks that Shuu had left on her skin. Lillia vaguely remembered Laito digging his nails on them. Shuddering at the memory, Lillia stepped back from her full-length mirror and hugged her body as if protecting herself.

I might as well take a shower and forget about it as soon as possible.

Lillia was about to grab her towel when she heard a crash and a yell, causing her to be frozen in her spot.

Another crash was heard and Lillia relaxed, though her heart was beating rapidly in anxiety. There was another yell and Lillia let out a resigned sigh. “Someone must have made Kanato upset again” she murmured as she threw her towel on her shoulder.

She waited for a few minutes before opening the door and stepped out to the hallway. Lillia looked around her and strained her ears for any sound of Kanato’s tantrums or any tell-tale sound of the others’ activity in the mansion. Satisfied that the residents of the mansion had calmed down, Lillia brought herself to the bathroom.

As she turned a corner, she was given a huge surprise. Lillia was so taken aback that she took a step back. There was a body sitting on the floor, his back against the wall, just a few feet away from the bathroom door. She placed a hand on her chest, as if to ease her heart which was beating rapidly due to her shock.

After regaining her composure, there was no need for her to step closer to the body to know who it was. Though his brown hair shielded his eyes, Lillia knew that Shuu had his eyes closed, presumably to be taking a nap. After living with them for a few months, seeing the weird habits by her housemates – a description that seemed to sound strange, but that was who they were – Lillia should have been used to it by now.

Maybe it was because she was being overly cautious around Shuu, especially after he had bitten her – the bite marks on her neck ominously tingled – so seeing him like this made her anxious. Lillia took a step closer and crouched in front of him, trying to peer into his face, making sure if he really was asleep. When she did, his eyes were closed and she sighed in relief. Good, he’s asleep.

Lillia stood up and turned to the direction of the bathroom, planning to leave Shuu be. She was only a few steps in front of the door when she felt something heavy pulling at her heart. She knew what this feeling meant. Her guilt was nagging at her.

Lillia froze and slowly looked back at Shuu. He was still in the same position, unmoving from his resting place. Sighing in exasperation, Lillia walked back to Shuu and crouched in front of him once again. She stared at him for a while, drinking in his handsome features and hearing his calm breathing. Leaving him alone like this is just too inhumane, no matter how bad he treated me before this.

Lillia placed her hand on Shuu’s knee and shook it lightly. Shuu did not respond, so she shook a little harder. Shuu stirred a bit, but he didn’t open his eyes. Sighing, Lillia decided to call out to him.

“Shuu-san. Wake up, or you will catch a cold if you sleep outside without covering yourself like this” she said, shaking him once again.

Lillia saw his eyes twitching, but it still refused to open. Frowning, Lillia decided to call him out once again, louder this time.

“Shuu-san! Sleep on your bed or your body will feel sore the next day!”

This seemed to work, since Shuu frowned and moved his legs away from her. He didn’t open his eyes, but his mouth did.

“Go away. I’m not bothering you, right? So leave me alone” he said, still frowning with his eyes closed.

“Leaving you alone like this does not sit well with me, so please go to your bedroom and have a proper rest in your bed” she said, her tone gentle in order to coax him.

“And why would I care if it does not sit well with you?” he finally opened his eyes, but only to glare at her. “If it’s some act of humanity, then I don’t need it. I’m not human, so why would you need to give your so-called kindness to me?” he sneered and gave a biting “Go away” to end it.

Lillia bit her lip, a bit hurt by Shuu’s words. It was not the first time he had done this, but it still hurt her pride. “Shuu-san, I-“ Lillia was cut off when Shuu clicked his tongue in frustration.

“Why are you so concerned about me? Do you want me to bite you again or what?” he said, his blue eyes burning through hers as if he wanted to burn a hole through her. Lillia almost jumped upon hearing the word ‘bite’ and blinked in surprise. She cast her eyes downwards and bit her lip to stop it from shaking. Might as well retreat for now.

“No, I shouldn’t have bothered you. Now, if you would excuse me-“ she was about to stand up when Shuu pulled her arm, making her land on top of his lap.

Bewildered, Lillia looked at Shuu, her eyes wide in shock. What was he up to, now? she thought warily as he studied her.

Shuu raised his hand and touched her earlobe. The sensation of Shuu’s cold hand was so sudden that Lillia jumped in surprise. Shuu chuckled, amused by her reaction. “You sure are sensitive” he murmured as he traced her earlobe.

“S-Shuu-san?” she said, her voice inaudible, since she was still quite shocked by this sudden intimate contact from the man that had talked to her harshly a few moments earlier.

“You’re such a pervert, letting someone else bite you here” he said, still stroking her earlobe. Lillia gave him a blank look, unsure of what he was talking about. Shuu merely ignored it, distracted by her earlobe.

She was about to ask him when Shuu leaned in and bit her earlobe. As she registered the painful sensation of his fangs sinking into her skin, Lillia finally remembered. Laito had bitten earlobe before this.  She clenched her jaw, trying to stop herself from gasping in pain and placed her hands on his shoulders, trying to push him away. Realising this, Shuu bit harder into her earlobe, the pain almost unbearable as Lillia tried to pry herself away from Shuu.

She shook in pain and as if satisfied, Shuu finally released his fangs on her skin and leaned back, licking his lips. Watching Lillia instinctively touching the place that he had bitten, Shuu let out a small chuckle, as if belittling her.

“You asked for it when you tried to wake me up” Shuu simply said. Lillia, who was close to tears due to the pain, glared at him. She bit her lip, trying to stop herself from letting her tears to fall, which was dangerously trying to spill out any moment.

“You’re mean” she managed to say, though she knew that her words will leave no impact on the man in front of her.

“Then leave” he said, closing his eyes. Lillia fought the urge to yell at him and pull his hair, as if Kanato’s tantrum that she had heard earlier had been passed to her. Lillia clenched her fist and took a deep breath. Calm down.

Without uttering a single word, Lillia stood up once again and turned her back towards Shuu. She then heard Shuu murmur, “Your scent is suffocating me that it’s driving me crazy”

Lillia turned around, not believing her ears. What? She thought as she studied Shuu. She was about to shake away whatever she had heard, as if she had imagined it when the familiar pain in her head appeared.

Lillia clutched her head, cursing. The pain was appearing often now, and it was getting a bit frustrating. But she was not only frustrated, she was also scared. Scared that the voice that sounded like hers but did not seem to come from her would control her once again.

And her fear was not in vain. It came.

If you’re driving him crazy, why not ease it? He must be frustrated in that way.

Lillia shook in fear, her heart racing and her lips dry. She shook her head, as if trying to shake away her thoughts that were so unlike her.

Lillia tried to step away from Shuu when the pain in her head became stronger, as if trying its utmost effort to crack her skull open. She clutched her head, as if she could ease the pain.

“Oi, what’s wrong with you?” Shuu spoke up, almost sounding concerned. But maybe it was her imagination, since she wanted someone to somehow take the pain away from her by being concerned about her.

Lillia slowly turned to Shuu and once again, the feeling of her body moving on its own seemed to run throughout her whole body as she took a step towards Shuu.

Shuu looked puzzled at first, but when his eyes met with Lillia’s there seemed to be a flicker in his blue eyes, as if he understood the situation. But that was only momentary, since Shuu narrowed his eyes at her suspiciously.

“You want more?” he murmured, casting a questioning look at her. Lillia boldly sat on his lap and wrap her arms around his neck. As her voice of reason screamed in protest, she nodded her head, as if someone had possessed her.

“Oh? What the heck is this?” a new voice came from behind and it snapped Lillia out of her trance. Lillia backed away from Shuu and looked at the owner of the voice and saw Ayato scowling at them, as if he had seen something that disgusted him, even though it was he who had stepped into the scene.

“Reiji told me call for you but I told him to do it himself. To think that I would see you guys in such a position after that, what a turn off” he complained, looking more displeased as he talked.

Lillia felt her face burning with embarrassment but unlike her, Shuu closed his eyes, as if ignoring the fact that Lillia was on his lap earlier. Ayato noticed Shuu’s behaviour and narrowed his eyes at him.

“Hey! I’m talking to you! You should listen to me when I’m wasting my breath on you! Oi! Shuu!” he yelled, stomping his way towards Shuu, forgetting that Lillia was there. Shuu had ignored his presence, which was unforgiveable for Ayato.

Ayato was about to yell at Shuu once again when another voice spoke up.

“Ayato, stop what you’re doing. I thought you said you didn’t want to do what I had requested from you” Reiji appeared, raising his eyebrows at Ayato.

“Ha? What are you talking about? I just happened to find them here! It’s not like I’m going to report it to you, anyway, you weird glasses!” Ayato replied indignantly.

“My, my. You and your naming sense will never fail to baffle me” Reiji said smoothly as he pushed his glasses to his nose. Ayato, who was a bit offended by Shuu’s attitude earlier, was now transferring his anger to Reiji and was about to snap at him when Reiji raised his hand, stopping Ayato from his outburst.

“Save that for later. I’m summoning everyone to the living room. We’re going to have a discussion. It concerns every one of us and it’s a serious matter. I’ve already informed the others about this and they’re already in the living room, waiting for us” Reiji said solemnly.

Ayato snickered and it seemed that he had somehow calmed down when he said, “Was that why Kanato was going crazy earlier? I bet you had fun handling him”

Reiji narrowed his eyes at Ayato before clearing his throat. “Now, let’s go. The others are waiting” Reiji turned around and Ayato spoke up.

“Why do we need to follow you?” Ayato said, sounding irritated, displeased that he was being bossed around.

Reiji stopped himself from moving any further upon hearing Ayato’s words. His back still turned to them, he spoke quietly, “There seems to be a threat that is trying to overturn the Sakamaki clan”

Ayato scoffed in disbelief. “So? It’s not like it’s the first time” he said arrogantly.

Reiji slowly turned to look at them. He threw his gaze at Lillia, alarming her as his eyes bore into hers. “It’s from the person that tried to hurt Laito and her” he said.

This seemed to startle Ayato and he stepped back, his eyes wide in shock. Lillia looked at Ayato and Reiji, puzzled by their reaction. Shuu opened his eyes and stood up.

“We need to gather at the living room, right? Let’s just go” he said and walked past Reiji without a single glance. Such an exhibit of how close they are, Lillia managed to try to humor herself as she studied the interaction between them.

Ayato was already following Shuu’s footsteps when Reiji looked at her.

“What are you waiting for? Come” he simply said and turned away from her. Lillia hesitantly spoke up, “Do I have to be there?”

Once again, Reiji stopped, but this time he looked at her.

“It might be a lead to your search for your mother” he said and continued walking on.

Taken aback by Reiji’s cryptic words, Lillia simply sat there, unsure of what to do. She clutched her head and realised that the pain was gone. When did it disappear?

Muddled by her thoughts, Lillia stood up and followed the three siblings to the living room. As she walked towards the direction of the living room, Lillia had forgotten the dream about her mother or the fact that she was about to give herself to Shuu.

Reiji’s words had apparently piqued her interest and she did not realise that she was about to find out that his words were the trigger to the problems that she had encountered before this.


Sweet Temptations[DiaLovers FanFic] - Part 27: Conlicting Thoughts and Actions

Lillia felt a small bead of sweat trickling down her forehead, despite the cool breeze that was blowing into the classroom. She felt her back touching the window, which meant that she had no other way of escaping, other than asking kindly the person that was in front of her to move out of the way.

Which was absolutely impossible, since it was the most least cooperative person of them all.

“Bitch-chan, you’re shivering! Are you cold?” Laito asked with concern, though his green eyes reflected nothing but amusement.

Lillia wiped the sweat off of her forehead before glaring at Laito. She was about to quip back when Laito was suddenly right in front of her – this darned teleportation ability of his! Lillia thought - and put his hand on the nape of her neck, as if trying to ease her.

Laito leaned in close to her ear, his breath tickling it and whispered, “You’re not thinking of running away, aren’t you?”

Lillia gritted her teeth and put both her hands on his chest to push him back. As if sensing her thoughts, Laito used his free hand to grab her wrist and pulled her into his arms.

“Now, now, Bitch-chan. Once was enough, but doing it twice? I don’t think so” Laito said lightly, though he tightened his arms around her. The strength of his embrace was crushing her, causing her to struggle for breath. As she squirmed in his arms, Laito chuckled, amused by her actions.

“You want me to hug you tighter? Well, I don’t really mind-“ Laito tightened his arms around her once again, which gave her no space to squirm in and she felt suffocated. Desperate, Lillia used her arms to reach behind Laito’s back and hit them, as if telling him to let her go.

“Hm? It seems that you still have some fight in you, huh?” Laito said, looking behind him. Lillia felt her consciousness fading as she struggled for breath and the next thing she knew, everything became dark.


Lillia woke up, feeling ticklish at her cheek. She glanced to the side and saw that Laito was holding a black feather in his hand and used it to caress her cheek. Lillia squirmed at the sensation of the soft feather caressing her cheek and realised that she could not move her arms freely. It felt like as if her arms had been locked into place. Realising this, Lillia looked up and with difficulty due to the darkness – though the moonlight from outside had given her enough light – saw that her wrist had been tied by something.

“It seems that you had woken up, Bitch-chan” Laito said, pulling back the black feather.

“Why are my hands tied up?” Lillia blurted, struggling to free her tightly bounded hands.  Laito widened his eyes upon hearing her words and covered his mouth as he laughed.

“You seriously don’t know?” Laito asked between his laughter, wiping the tears in his eyes. Lillia felt her cheeks warming, realising too late how foolish she had sounded to Laito. Lillia gave up on trying to loosened the knot that was bounded her wrists.

Noticing this, Laito stopped laughing and cocked his head to one side, a playful smile on his lips. “Oh? It seems that you have finally given up” Laito folded his arms and narrowing his eyes at her.

Lillia bit her lip, trying to fight the urge from snapping at him. She had realised that while Laito was busy laughing his head off, he did not bound her feet at all. Either he had forgotten to do so, or did not have the chance or – Lillia shivered at the thought as this was more ‘Laito-esque’ – he had deliberately let her feet free, I did not matter to her. This meant that she still had the chance to escape, whether he had planned it out or not.

The first thing is to lure him closer to me, so that I can kick him and get him distracted, Lillia thought to herself as Laito looked at her. 

Lillia gave him a defeated look and let out a small sigh. “Well, you have done your utmost effort to make sure that I can’t escape, so it’s better for me to surrender, right? Just get it over with and suck my blood” she said, narrowing her eyes at him.

Laito chuckled and rubbed his chin thoughtfully. “Hmm. I don’t know, Bitch-chan. You said that I have done my utmost effort to bind you, but look-“ Laito pointed at Lillia’s legs, “I didn’t bind your feet. So you do have a chance to escape, you know?”

Lillia blinked and almost clicked her tongue with frustration. So he really did it deliberately! Lillia shook in disbelief and anger. Laito was pulling her strings, and he knew it. Laito smiled as he took a step towards her.

“You can escape by, oh I don’t know, kicking me once I am close enough for you to do that?” he suggested, his smile still intact. Lillia gritted her teeth, cursing herself for being so easy to read. Or does he have another ability, such as having the ability to read minds?

While she was pondering about this, Lillia realised that he was close enough for her to go on with her plan. Might as well give it try, Lillia thought to herself before raising one leg to swing it at Laito’s abdomen.

Laito caught her leg in time, just as Lillia had expected. Lillia felt like laughing to herself when she saw this. What was I expecting?

Lillia relaxed, laying her raised head down on the table that she was lying on. Upon seeing this, Laito loosened his grip on her leg and Lillia sensed another opportunity.

She let her other leg push down on Laito’s side and it was a successful hit. Lillia would have made a victory pose if only her hands weren’t bound but she felt happy nonetheless. But her happiness was short-lived.

To her horror, Laito pulled the leg that had hit his side towards him, causing her body to be pulled along, too. Lillia felt a sharp pain around her wrists and she looked up in her pained state to see that the cloth that was holding her wrists together – once her wrists was under the moonlight, she realised it was in fact, Laito’s tie – had gotten caught to the edge of the desk, causing it to pull her wrists the opposite direction that Laito was pulling her.

Noticing this, Laito took the other leg and pulled both of her legs towards his direction, putting more strain for her wrists as the caught tie pulled her in the opposite direction. Grimacing in pain, Lillia looked at Laito and desperately begged him to stop.

“What did you say, Bitch-chan? I can’t hear you” Laito pretended to not hear her and Lillia bit her lip.

“S-Stop it, please!” she begged once again and Laito gave her smirk.

“You want me to pull harder? Sure, why not?” Laito grinned as he pulled her legs again and the pain around Lillia’s wrists were getting numb, she had thought that if her wrists had been pulled off from her body, she would not have noticed it.

Right when Lillia felt her body weakening, Laito stopped pulling her, much to her relief. Laito  pushed her back, easing the pain around her wrists. Before Lillia could look up at him, Laito had placed a finger at the corner of her eye and wiped something.

“Poor Bitch-chan. You’re in tears” Laito cooed, his face screwing in pain, but Lillia saw emptiness in Laito’s green eyes. Even in her dazed state, she could not help but wonder what Laito had in his sleeve.

Laito gave her a reassuring smile and placed his hand on her thigh. “You know, Bitch-chan, while I was pulling you, I realised that you have such soft skin, especially at the area around your thighs” he said, stroking her thigh in one circular motion.

Lillia felt a rather pleasant – she almost resent the fact – shiver coursing through her when Laito’s cold hand caressed her thighs. Knowing that her face might reveal her thoughts, she tried to look away but she noticed Laito’s green eyes lighting up with curiosity. He chuckled and Lillia felt his hands creeping upwards.

“It seems that you’re enjoying it. How erotic of you, Bitch-chan. But I guess I wouldn’t expect less from you, after what you did to that man earlier” he whispered as his hands had found their way beneath her skirt.

Alarmed, Lillia tried to shake him off, but that only encouraged him. Laito pouted, looking hurt by Lillia’s rejection to his touch. He leaned forward to whisper into her ear, “Hey, do you want to continue what you left off with him by doing it with me? I might give a better reaction compared to him”

Blushing, Lillia shook her head and squirmed under him. Laito leaned back, his eyes drooping like a puppy that had been scolded by his master. “You don’t want to do it with me?”

Laito stopped moving his hands, much to Lillia’s relief, even though his hands were alarmingly close to the fabric of her panties.

“That hurts my feelings, Bitch-chan” he said quietly, his hair shielding his eyes so Lillia was not able to read them.

Laito then became silent, much to the confusion of Lillia. Did he give up? she thought.

Before Lillia could try to regain her composure, Laito drew back and kneeled in front of her. Puzzled, Lillia tried to raise her head to look at Laito, though it was quite a feat for her due to her bounded wrists.

It was not necessary for Lillia to do that, as Laito had buried his face between her thighs. That exact action startled her and she almost yelled at him to stop if only it wasn’t for that familiar pain on her thigh.

Lillia looked down and saw that Laito was looking up at her, his lips on her thigh. Laito had raised her thigh to his lips and had bitten her. Or rather, suck her blood. She could see a drip of blood running down her thigh from his lips and with the familiar pain that she had felt on her neck, she knew he was sucking on her blood.

Unlike Shuu, who grunted now and then whenever he sucked her blood, Laito was a loud one. He moaned to his heart’s content when he’s sucking on her and when he drew back a little to lick his lips, he was still moaning in pleasure.

I bet he’s a loud one in bed, too.

Bewildered by that sudden thought, Lillia looked around to see if someone else had said that. But she knew it wasn’t someone else. The thought came from her, from Lillia herself.

Suddenly, she felt her heartbeat growing faster and felt something warm spreading all over her body. She recognized this feeling.

It was the feeling of pleasure.

Just like when Shuu had bitten her, Lillia felt scared at first, but she was enjoying it.

Only this time, she didn’t just let the other party gave her pleasure, she felt the desire to reciprocate it.

Sensing something amiss, Laito drew back and looked at her with curious eyes, a drop of blood running down his chin. “Bitch-chan?”

Lillia could feel her body moving on its own as she made her thighs close up, trapping Laito’s head between them. Laito blinked in surprise at first, but unlike Kai who was bewildered throughout the whole ordeal, Laito slowly smiled, almost knowingly.

“So you wish to continue with me?” he asked, smiling flirtatiously at her.

Lillia could feel herself giving him her own flirtatious smile and she nodded.

No! she could her herself screaming from the back of her mind, but it was just the same when she did what she did to Kai. Lillia never had the thought cross in her mind, but her body moved on its own.

Somehow, her body did not respond to reason, it responded to desire.

But she did not desire these men. So why was this happening to her?

While she was thinking about this, Laito had stood up and leaned forward to look at her. Laito was so close to her face, she could feel his breath tickling it.

“I won’t make it easy like he did, though” he said. Before Lillia could comprehend the meaning behind his words, Laito pulled her collar to reveal the bite marks Shuu had given her last night. Laito lightly touched them before digging his nail lightly on her skin.

“Shall I bite on the marks that Shuu had given you?” he slowly moved his finger to her collarbone, “Or should I bite you here? You seem like the type whose soft spot would be at your collarbone”

Before Lillia could answer, Laito chuckled, as if he had made his own joke without her realising it. “Look at me, being so kind to you, especially how you had treated me before this”

Lillia blinked, cocking her head to one side, not understanding his words. Then, she remembered. She had pushed him earlier, though with such strength that everyone did not believe it. Was my strength somehow related to what Hazuki-sensei said to me? To what is happening to me right now?

While she was frantically thinking to herself, she felt her lips moving. “What are you waiting for? Just bite me already and take me”

She could not believe what she had heard. Her own voice, her own lips, asking for Laito to take her?

Am I insane? she thought angrily to herself, but she felt that she was not just angry by how insane she had sounded. She felt angry by how slow Laito was being.

These clashing thoughts did not make sense to her. She was scared by what Laito was doing to her body, but on the other hand, she was anticipating it. What is going on?

“Hey, Bitch-chan. I think I know why you’re like this” he whispered close to her ear, tickling it with his breath, which were slightly shallow.

Lillia was about to look at him when Laito dug his fangs on her earlobe. This made Lillia yelp in pain and Laito chuckled at her reaction.

“Did that hurt? I bet it did. Just like how it hurt when you pushed me” he said. Lillia bit her lip to ease the pain and narrowed her eyes at him. I don’t think you bled out of your earlobe when I pushed you, though!  she thought angrily.

Laito tutted at her, as if disapproving her defiant gaze. “Good girls should not glare. They have to accept it with grace. Though, with your neck exposed to me like this with your wrists tied up, it’s not the exact image of graceful, isn’t it?” Laito laughed, amused by his own words.

Lillia would have felt anger boiling up inside her, but all she could feel was pleasure. Again, her thoughts were clashing with each other, bewildering her.

“More” she said after Laito’s laughter had subsided. Lillia expected him to be surprised, but he gave her a smile instead.

“Now, now, I will give you the pleasure you wanted, Bitch-chan. You sure are impatient” he chuckled as he leaned again to lick her collarbone, sending a pleasant shiver down her spine. Laito then proceeded to unbutton her school uniform to reveal the binder she was wearing.

“This is in the way-“ Laito said before ripping it, revealing the globes of her breast and her bra. Laito licked her chest, teasing her. Lillia gasped, pleasing Laito as he chuckled at her reaction. He reached down and stroked her inner thigh, letting a moan escape her lips.

“Bitch-chan” Laito said thickly, as he kissed her. He inserted his tongue inside her mouth, teasing her tongue to entwine it with his. As he did this, he let out a moan and his breathing became heavy.

At the same time, Lillia felt herself feeling satisfied by Laito’s actions and spread her legs wider, hoping that her thighs won’t be the only thing that Laito will be stroking.

No! This isn’t what I wanted!  She heard herself screaming from the back of her mind again, but she ignored it. While there was a conflict in her emotions, she could feel herself feeling lighter.

No. She felt herself somehow brimming with power.

She felt as if she could lift the whole school if she wanted. Actually she could, if she could coax Laito into showering her with more attention to her body.

Wait, how would I know this?

Her disbelief had somehow broke her off the spell that had caused her temporary ‘insanity’ of requesting for Laito’s attention, and she pulled away from him, thus pulling herself away from his kiss.

This startled Laito, whose face was flushed and eyes were glazed over.

Wait, I know that expression.

Lillia was about to recall as to how she knew that expression when she heard the classroom door sliding open, the sound that she had failed to hear when Laito ambushed her from behind her earlier.

“I guess it’s time for me to barge in before the deed is done” said a voice, which Lillia presume as the owner of the one who had opened the classroom door.

Lillia could tell from the slightly high voice that it belonged to a female, and even though she had no idea who it was, she felt the voice was somehow familiar to her.

Laito, however, seem to know who it was – or so Lillia thought – as he looked back and glared at the person.

“You’re being a bother. Get away” he said, his voice low in anger.

Much to Lillia’s surprise, the person laughed instead of apologising for being ‘a bother’ as Laito had put it. Wait, I recognise that laugh.

“Sorry, no can do, Fedora Boy. It may not be my duty, but my conscience could not leave alone the fact that two students are doing it in an empty classroom when school is in session. So I suggest you stop what you’re doing right now and bring yourselves to the teacher in charge” said the woman, now that Lillia the person, she was certain it was a woman. And also that laugh…

“I told you to go away, right?!” Laito said sharply, making Lillia flinch at his tone of voice. Lillia did not think it made the woman flinch, as she replied to Laito calmly.

“I guess I have to do this” said the woman with a sigh.

Lillia saw Laito widening his eyes as Lillia could hear the woman fumbling about, presumably finding something in her clothes. Laito was about to yell out when Lillia felt her consciousness slowly fading.

Lillia could feel something heavy dropping on her body, and even with her consciousness that was about to escape from her, she could tell it was Laito.

Lillia had closed her eyes, but she could hear the woman saying, “I guess you’re safe for now, Princess”

Princess. It’s been such a long time since I heard someone calling me Princess with such sincerity.

She smiled to herself at her thought before her consciousness finally faded out.



Sweet Temptations[DiaLovers FanFic] - Part 26: Confused

The hallway was empty. She could hear the faint sound of chairs being pulled out and a teacher droning on. It was not strange to hear such sounds; it was studying period, after all. She walked along the hallway; rather, she dragged her feet as she brought herself to wherever her feet were taking her.

After leaving the infirmary, Lillia realised that classes had already started, so she decided to go to her classroom, where Anise was. Somehow, her body refused to listen to her desire to seek help from Anise, making her wander around instead. Why won’t my body listen to me? Even without thinking about it, Lillia already knew the answer.

What use was it to vent it to someone?

As if Anise would understand. Even she herself did not understand the turmoil that was brewing inside her heart. Rather, it was her head that was giving her trouble at the moment. She raised her hand to touch at the throbbing spot in her head. Why was it that whenever she was overwhelmed by a certain situation, her head will throb in pain?

If it was some sort of defense mechanism that her brain had transmitted throughout her body, she did not feel protected at all. The pain was only making her more anxious than she actually was. It was as if her brain refuses to accept whatever that Hazuki had said.

She stopped walking (or shuffling her feet) and leaned against the wall. Lillia closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She let the sensation of the cold wall spread across her back, hoping that it will help cool her body, too. She could feel the throbbing in her head slowing down, and she let out a small smile, pleased by how simple it was to ease it.

Lillia felt a sense of calm coming down on her as she took another deep breath. When the throbbing finally subsided, the conversation she had with Hazuki appeared in her mind, as if it was waiting for the moment to do that.

“And the fact that when you walk down the street, all men will look at you but with blank eyes, as if they were hypnotised?” That’s because they were in fact hypnotised.

“Or the fact that a man tried to violate you, because you seemed like you were inviting them to do so?” All men are beasts, but they couldn’t resist me, so they gave in to their beastly desires.

“Has any girl got angry at you for being a bit prettier than her and went to take drastic measures to show that anger of hers?” Ha! I wasn’t ‘a bit prettier’, I am far more beautiful than any of those girls! Those type of girls knew that and they refused to admit it so they took it out on me!

Lillia opened her eyes and looked around her.

What was that voice?

When she relayed the questions Hazuki had asked her, another voice will speak up, answering the questions that had rendered her speechless. What puzzled her was that the voice sounded like hers.

As if those answers were in her mind naturally. Then again, if I really had thought that, I would have said it to Hazuki-sensei, right?

No way in hell.

Lillia jolted in surprise. “What…?” she muttered, and the voice inside her head spoke up again.

Why should I feel surprised?

The throbbing in her head came back again without warning, causing Lillia to clutch her head with both hands and let out a little groan. She slid down to the floor, still clutching to her head.

I have to stop fighting it. I need to calm down.

Lillia relaxed her body and the throbbing subsided almost immediately. She would have felt a sense of relief, but her body was shaking in horror by the fact that her body responded to her thoughts naturally, even though she swore that it wasn’t her.

She blinked several times before looking at her hand. She could still see her hand shaking and she licked her lips with anxiety clinging to her heart.

No. It was me all along.

By the time she thought this, her head suddenly became lighter, as if there was a heavy weight on her head that had caused the throbbing. In fact, she felt her whole body was lighter compared to before. She felt her lips pulling into a smile, though she did not understand the reason behind it.

Before she could ponder about it any further, she heard footsteps at the end of the hall and someone whistling. Lillia stiffened in panic at first, but in a second she felt her body relax once again. Normally, she would have panicked and frantically look around for a hiding place. She did not want to get caught by a teacher or any form of authority for loitering around the hallway instead of being in class.

Instead, she leaned against the wall and checked her nails, as if it was the most natural behaviour she could adopt in that situation.

As she checked her nails, she could hear the whistling getting louder but she did not budge at all. She remained cool as the whistling was only a few steps away from her when it stopped. Even the footsteps that came along with the whistling stopped. Lillia paused before looking up at the owner of the footsteps and whistling.

Lillia almost gasped when she saw that it was Kai, the upperclassman that had tried to ambush her and also found on a heap of trash before this. Why do I keep bumping into him anyway?

Contrary to the frustration in her thoughts, Lillia gave him the sweetest smile she could muster as Kai remained frozen in front of her. When he saw her smile, Kai simply raised an eyebrow before sneering at her.

“Oh? The little lamb is playing hooky? Or is the little lamb lost?” Kai asked her in a babyish voice, obviously mocking her. His attitude towards her was different from before this, in fact he sounded like the same old Kai that had tried to corner her before this, not the one that had been pushed into a heap of trash.

“How about if I say both?” Lillia said in a girlish voice, much to the disbelief of Kai, as he did not bother to hide it when his eyes widened in shock.

“What?” Kai asked dumbly, looking her up and down. He could not believe how the girl he had called ‘little lamb’ would reply to him like that, instead of avoiding him.

“Well, I am a little lost, I have to admit. But then I decided that I should play hooky since there is no one who will conveniently walk down this hallway to get me out of this predicament. Well, until you appeared, Kai-senpai” Lillia said as she twirled a lock of her hair around her finger and looked at Kai demurely, as if thankful that he was there.

By this time, Kai was so shocked that he had left his jaw agape and was staring at her as if he could not believe his ears. It was not a surprise, even Lillia was surprised by the way she acted towards Kai at the moment. It was so bizarre that Lillia could feel a giggle rising up her throat, but she coughed instead to hide it.

Hearing her cough had made Kai to snap out of his shocked state and scratched the back of his neck. He narrowed his eyes at Lillia before letting out a sigh.

“Well, whatever. I won’t ask why you are way different from before, but I will take it as you don’t seem to be scared of me anymore” Kai said before folding his arms.

“Fine, I will help you find your way to your classroom. Since you called me ‘Kai-senpai’ with such a cute voice, I won’t let you play hooky” Kai continued looking sheepish. Lillia cocked her head to one side, wondering how timid Kai sounded.

“D-Don’t look at me like that! I know I’m also acting way different than when we first met, but being acknowledged as a senpai makes me shy, all right? It makes me feel guilty now especially I never exhibited any sort of behaviour that a senpai should show to his kouhai” Kai mumbled, looking down at the floor.

Lillia simply giggled as she studied Kai’s body language. Kai sharply looked up and glared at her.

“Only this time, okay? The next time we meet, I won’t treat you kindly like this” Kai said through gritted teeth, making Lillia smile. Kai’s behaviour right now was almost exactly how the Sakamaki siblings treated her, but somehow, Lillia felt that he was not scary at all. Maybe he’s a nice guy compared to the Sakamakis, she thought to herself as Kai straighten his posture.

Maybe I should reward him.

A new thought came into her mind as she studied Kai, much to her surprise. Before she could do anything, she felt her body feeling light once again and her legs began to move on its own. Her legs were bringing her close to Kai and she lifted her arms to wrap them around Kai’s waist.

She could feel Kai’s body stiffening before looking up at him. He looked surprised, obviously not expecting Lillia to do such a thing to him. Lillia smiled up at him before resting her head on his chest.

“You are so kind, Kai-senpai” she murmured as she tightened her grip around his waist.

“L-Little lamb?” Kai stammered, his voice almost breaking. He was too much in shock to even keep his voice even.

“No, it’s not ‘little lamb’-“ Lillia looked up at him with a pout. “It’s Lillia” she whispered as she let one arm loosened its grip on his waist so that she could raise her hand on his cheek. Lillia could feel the heat spreading across her palm as Kai’s ears reddened.

“Lillia?” Kai said in a faint voice, still looking flustered. Lillia smiled, pleased by hearing her name uttered by the man.

“That’s better” she said before laying her head on his chest. She could hear his heartbeat quickening and got an idea. She let her free hand move down his neck from his cheek and let her fingers caress the nape of his neck.

Lillia could hear a gasp escape from above, but it did not stop. She then traced the collarbone that was exposed from his unbuttoned uniform before moving down to his chest. By this time, Lillia had stepped back and pushed Kai against the wall.

Lillia then slowly ran both her hands from his chest down to his abdomen and repeat the same actions. Kai had completely surrendered himself to Lillia as his breath started to become heavier. Lillia then stopped one hand right at the area of his heart, and could feel his heartbeat was beating crazily.

Without further ado, Lillia hovered her other hand on his belt.

“Lillia!” he cried out when he realised what she was doing. Hearing his raised voice seemed to snap Lillia out of a trance as she stepped back in horror.

What was I doing?

Lillia put her hand over her mouth, her eyes wide in shock. She looked up at Kai’s face and saw that Kai was confused as she was. Before Kai could say anything, Lillia merely let out a frantic “I’m sorry!” before turning around to run down the hallway.

Either she was too ashamed or confused to hear Kai’s response, Lillia did not care. She blindly turned around one corner and ran along the corridor before running out of breath in front of a door of an unused classroom.

Lillia decided to rest inside it and went into the classroom. Once she had shut the door, Lillia walked over to the windowsill and opened one window, letting the cool breeze inside. She took a few deep breaths before finally feeling that she had calmed down.

Lillia leaned on a desk and looked at her hands. The hands that had ran over Kai’s body like it was nothing.

“Why did I do that?” Lillia muttered as her hand shook at the memory of her actions earlier.

“Yeah, why would you do that?” whispered a voice right by her ear.


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Hey! Been some time since I last updated this fic, and I would like to apologise for that! I am very sorry for the long wait and appreciate everyone’s patience in awaiting for the new chapter! I have been very busy as of late because of uni and the assignments that were given at the last minute to only be completed in such a short time what with my involvement in a committee so I was unable to actually update this fic. I actually planned to update it two weeks ago, but the writing process also took some time. Unlike the previous chapters, where I write one chapter in one go, this chapter took time as I write it little by little, step by step. So, if this lacks the feel to the story than normal, I sincerely apologise!

Also, I’m on study leave for finals, so I won’t be updating this fic until the middle of April. Just hold on for the time being, guys! Thank you for the wait and support, everyone! 

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